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"Communitas Coalition for Sustainable Cities and HJuman Settlements in the New UN Development Agenda" is a new project-based partnership between ICLEI, UNHabitat, nrg4sd, Tellus Institute and Ford Foundation. Drawing on a participatory process, the Communitas Coalition seeks to: 1. Advance sustainable urbanization as a key component of the future UN Development Agenda, its Goals, tools, means of implementation and partnerships; 2. Contribute to the technical development of an urban Goal with targets related to the economic, social, environmental, spatial and cultural dimensions of sustainable development and a basket of relevant indicators; 3. Ensure the presence, as appropriate, of an urban dimension in the final set of SDGs to be agreed upon. The first Experts´ Workshop was convened at UN Headquarters in New York on 5-6 December by Communitas Coalition Core Partners in in collaboration with UN DESA, Member States Friends of Cities, Major Groups & Stakeholders and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN SDSN). The workshop aimed to enable governments to discuss informally with experts, Major Groups and stakeholders and the UN system the issue of sustainable urbanization in the future SDGs framework and UN development agenda. Outputs of the workshop will include 10-page thematic issues papers (with 1-page executive summaries) - Grass roots case studies compilations/fiches - Outcomes report - Interviews with experts and stakeholders. .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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