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The aim of the Local Sustainability 2012 study is to document the variety of local processes for sustainability that have emerged globally since the 1992 Earth Summit. Local initiatives, many of them inspired by Local Agenda 21, have made a lasting mark not only on local but also on national and international governance systems, changing profoundly the way we think about sustainable development and pushing the boundaries of what is achievable. The Local Sustainability 2012 study consists of two complementary reports: Taking Stock and Moving Forward. Global Review, Showcasing Progress. Case Studies. The 10-action point recommendations are as follows 1. Local consciousness about global and future impacts of today’s action has never been as high. 2. A good local sustainability process combines various driving forces. 3. The multi-local movement has prepared the ground for advancing national and international sustainability policies. 4. Local sustainability processes are hubs of social innovation. 5. Local sustainability was one of the first open source development processes - and this is one of its biggest strengths. 6. Local governments have to deal with the effects of a deregulated globalized economy. 7. Greening the economy is a chance to address the crisis. 8. ‘The future we want’ requires a new definition of growth. 9. Sustainable development needs a multilevel governance system with a multi-sectoral approach. 10. It’s time to move from national interests to global environmental justice. The study has been produced by ICLEI, in association with the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation and UN-Habitat. .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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