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The aim of the Local Sustainability 2012 study is to document the variety of local processes for sustainability that have emerged globally since the 1992 Earth Summit. Local initiatives, many of them inspired by Local Agenda 21, have made a lasting mark not only on local but also on national and international governance systems, changing profoundly the way we think about sustainable development and pushing the boundaries of what is achievable. The Local Sustainability 2012 study consists of two complementary reports: Taking Stock and Moving Forward. Global Review, Showcasing Progress. Case Studies. 12 of the following case studies showcase journeys of selected successful, pioneering cities towards greater sustainability across a selection of themes and regions, and 2 case studies provide an illustration of creating enabling framework conditions through state and national governments for urban development. They show an unfaltering effort to accept and meet today’s and tomorrow’s urban sustainability challenges. 1- Cape Town, S. Africa: Integrating ecosystems and biodiversity into urban development. 2- Ethekwini/Durban, S. Africa: Mainstreaming climate change adaptation. 3- Rizhao, China: An ‘Eco-city’ for sustainable growth and social harmony. 4- JNNURM, India: A top-down and bottom-up approach to urban development and renewal. 5- Thane, India: Increasing solar energy utilization. 6- Iida, Philippines: Financing eco-energy with a citizen funded energy company. 7- Tokyo, Japan: Energy efficiency in buildings. 8- Nantes, France: A sustainable city wins the 2013 European Green Capital Award. 9- Reykjavík, Iceland: Green cleaning and sustainable procurement 10- Betim, Brazil: Local action in achieving social inclusion and improved quality of life. 11- Veracruz State, Mexico: Providing the institutional framework for climate change mitigation and adaptation. 12- Toronto, Canada: Getting ‘Ahead of the Storm’ to avert adverse climate change impacts. 13- Portland, USA: Sustainability as an engine for economic growth. 14- Melbourne, Australia: A sustainable eco-city future. Full versions of the case studies are available as part of ICLEI Case Studies series (138-151). The study has been produced by ICLEI, in association with the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation and UN-Habitat. .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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