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There is a clear need to give priority to sound chemicals management in the Sustainable Development Goals. The latest studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) show that 60% of global disease burden is due to Non Communicable Diseases, and it is estimated that a large share of these are due to environmental factors, including unsound management of chemicals. NCDs such as breast cancer where the environmental determinants are increasingly recognized are strongly on the increase, in particular in Africa. The Millennium Development Goals did not address NCDs nor their chemical determinants. Head of states agreed at the WSSD in Johannesburg in 2002 on a global goal to eliminate hazardous chemicals in consumer products by 2020 in order to protect public health. However, the goal is off track. Hazardous chemicals are omnipresent and contaminate local communities, not only in consumer products, but also in workplaces, food chains, water and the environment. .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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