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Ending absolute poverty should be the priority for the post-2015 development goals and this requires a strong commitment to reduce disaster risks, otherwise development efforts for the poorest will be unsustainable. Unaddressed, the impacts of climate change and disasters will place local and national progress against development goals at risk. Economic losses from disasters are doubling every 10 years. This is clearly unsustainable. Surprisingly the vast majority of disaster losses are due to small-scale everyday disasters that are climate related and get limited national and international support. It is the poorest and most marginalised groups who are worst affected. Disasters derail development and play a major role in pushing people into poverty and keeping them there. Unsustainable development such as unplanned urbanisation is a key driver of increasing disaster risk. A development framework is needed that promotes reducing risk by investment in DRR and a change to private and public development pathways in order not to create hazards and vulnerability. .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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