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Whilst we are very pleased to see the references to water and sanitation in this position paper, (subjects to which we give strong support) we are concerned about one inaccurate and unsubstantiated statement in the paper. On page three of the paper there is a phrase that reads “The past ten years has shown that private-led partnerships have been unsuccessful to provide water and sanitation access to the levels required.” The truth is that public-private partnerships are more and more used often by public authorities in developing countries where, on average, they deliver many benefits to people and governments as documented in the global statistical study made by the World Bank. The same study has shown that the 36 largest public-private partnerships contracts in these countries have resulted in an increase of 50% of the number of people benefiting from a connection to reliable public water networks over a decade. It would be great for the billions of people needing a better access to safe drinking water that all water utilities extend their services with a similar rate of progress. n .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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