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FOCUS AREA 2 - SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE, FOOD SECURITY AND NUTRITION: WSPA strongly support the inclusion of a specific reference to the need to reduce the global rate of food loss and waste along the food supply chain. Food loss and waste occur during both the production and consumption phases and must therefore be addressed in both. In countries where food insecurity is most prevalent, preventing food loss during the production phase of the food supply chain is critical. We support the Co-Chairs’ target proposal (e – reduce the global rate of loss and waste along the food supply chain by 50 percent by 2030). Furthermore, as recently noted by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food “Over one third of the world’s cereals are already being used as animal feed, and if current trends continue, this will rise to 50 per cent by 2050. Continuing to feed cereals to growing numbers of livestock will aggravate poverty and environmental degradation” . Based on the above, WSPA proposes for your consideration the following target for inclusion under Focus Area 2: [add: limit the usage of human-edible food crops for animal feed at (Y) percent] The role of small-scale food producers, landless laborers and other rural communities is of particular importance as they represent the majority of the world’s undernourished. At the same time, they are responsible for the majority of the agricultural production worldwide and therefore can be critical agents of change. In view of that, we would suggest the following additions: d) by 2030 [add: double smallholder food producers income and productivity through achieve]access to adequate inputs, knowledge, productive resources, financial services, [add: veterinary services] and markets for small farmers, [add: pastoralists] and fishers, with a particular focus on women and indigenous peoples The Rio+20 outcome document reaffirms the necessity to promote, enhance and support more sustainable agriculture systems which improve food security, eradicate hunger and are economically viable while conserving all natural resources, promoting sustainable land use, reducing soil erosion and desertification and enhancing resilience to climate change and natural disasters . Moreover, the Open Working Group in its deliberations stressed that the new sustainable development framework should promote indigenous and sustainable farming and fishing practices. Along these lines, WSPA proposes the following target for consideration to replace target (g): [add: increase sustainable, diverse, and resilient agriculture practices by (X) percent through promoting indigenous and sustainable farming, including crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture practices by 2030] .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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