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In a context of growing traffic fatalities and injuries worldwide (1.3 million killed and over 50 million injured annually)1 the United Nations have declared 2011 2020 the Decade of Action on Road Safety.2 The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that traffic accidents are on a path to becoming the fifth leading cause of premature mortality worldwide by 2030, due in large part to increases in motorization, primarily in emerging economies. 92% of road fatalities occur in low- and middle- income countries, which only have 53% of total registered vehicles in the world. In these countries, pedestrians and cyclists account for over a third of road traffic deaths; the majority of these countries do not have policies in place to protect these road users.3 Young adults aged 15 through 44 account for nearly 60% of all traffic fatalities, across the different regions of the world.4 This has important implications for economic development, since a fatal crash or even a severe injury crash for a young adult can result in significant economic loss for their families over a long period of time. .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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