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Women major group on IFSD Thank you Mr. chair. I am Nisha Onta from WOCAN speaking on behalf of the women major group. These are as follows- Regional commissions and associated agencies could do regional fact finding and facilitate reporting from CSOs of the regions. Periodic reviews of country progress including women empowerment and gender equality should be reported in the HLPF at global level to ensure transparency The vertical integration should take regional and sub regional submissions into account and should allow other actors such as CSOs, private sector including those working on women, equity and equality to report as well. Current mechanisms should be strengthened and expanded to involve stakeholders especially women, indigenous and youth more effectively in decision-making and implementation of policies and activities for sustainable development. Design a tool to empower women to monitor and hold governments, businesses, international institutions and other development actors to account. Establish accountability mechanisms from grassroots to the global- community monitoring tools, budget monitoring, shadow reports to provide input in monitoring mechanisms. At the national level, parliaments, judiciaries, and national human rights mechanisms should be empowered to oversee implementation and provide remedies where governments fall short. At the global level, the human rights architecture, including treaty bodies, special procedures including special reporters, and the universal peer review mechanisms should also be used as tools for accountability. .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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