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The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature fully supports the positions taken by the Earth Law Center for inclusion in the Major Groups¡¦ input on the development of the SDGs: „h Support for Earth-based SDGs, specifically through inclusion of commitments to recognize in law the rights of ecosystems and species to exist, thrive and evolve. „h Endorsement, and promotion for adoption and implementation, of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, and active support for its implementation globally. „h Re-characterization of ¡§sustainable development¡¨ as ¡§sustainable communities,¡¨ a term that includes both human communities and the wider communities of the natural world. Adoption of SDGs with a focus on sustainable communities is necessary to ensure that all elements of well-being are considered. The current, neoliberal economics-based development approach distorts communities to serve the economy. Elements of sustainable human communities include not just the economy, but also culture, societal/familial relations, healthy food, clean drinking water, sanitation, housing, necessary medical care, democratic governance, education, meaningful and appropriately rewarded labor, spirituality, civic duty, volunteerism, etc. Sustainable environmental communities similarly require healthy nutrients, clean water, biodiversity, restoration in the face of destruction, and thriving, connected habitats. The economy must be viewed as serving human and environmental communities, not the reverse. The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature is a worldwide network of individuals and organizations who support the recognition and implementation of Rights of Nature. Robin Milam Administrative Director The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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