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To assist in the preparation of the NGO statement, we invite all NGOs to submit their written comments on the SDGs as soon as possible to: Three representatives of the Temple of Understanding attended the Rio + 20 Conference in June, 2012, and returned to New York City hoping for careful attention and immediate action at the United Nations to ensure implementation of the Outcome Document – which itself was not impressively strong. To our disappointment we learned of the UN focus on the World We Want 2015 with achievement of the MDGs ordained as the current effort of UN action. Of course, these are admirable goals to which we have turned attention and energy for the past 12 years. Now however, nine months after Rio+20, we feel that sustainable is no longer a viable term referring to the earth. We should be concerning ourselves with SURVIVABILITY of the Earth and request that the Open Working Group for the SDGs prepare plans for immediate and accelerated implemtation of existing commitments. We join Tapio Kanninen, long time UN staff member, Chief of the Policy Planning Unit in the Department of Political Affairs, and author of “Crisis of Global Sustainability” in calling for a paradigm shift to Global Survivability, a concept that stresses the absolute necessity of immediate and drastic change in institutions and policies. Without this urgency we fear more foot dragging and compromise that avoid attention to the great crisis of our time. Joan Kirby Temple of Understamding .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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