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Intervention by Sascha Gabizon, WICF/WECF on behalf of WMG, responding to the OWG on SDGs debate on Food Security, addressing root causes in the financial and trade sectors To the Open Working Group on SDGs Friday May 24 2013 Thank you chair for giving us the floor, which we requested on the first day which focussed on food security. We would like to highlight 2 points: 1. We need targets for inter-linkages, to address the drivers, the root causes, of hunger and landgrabbing, of lack of safe water, of child death. To address hunger and malnutrition, we must address the financial sector. Hedge funds which are buying up the enormous areas of land in sub Saharan countries need to be regulated! Food prices need to have ceilings. Water, seeds, food can not be just a speculative commodity! There are many existing good practices how to do this. In my country, the Netherlands, by law, water sources can never be fully privatized, for example. So we need interlinkage targets to adress the negative impacts of the finance, trade, and fiscal policies. 2. Nutritious and safe food are key to reducing Non Communicable Diseases. Most dead and ill from NCD are in developing countries. Women impacted by different diseases then men. 1.7 million women will develop breast cancer by 2020. As studies show, many carcinogens enter our bodies through food. Even small residues of pesticides in particular endocrine disrupting chemicals - can be a cause of illness, such as cancer. The Women MG recommends a target on 100% nutritious, safe food for all thus free of GMOs and harmful pesticides. .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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