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Local and subnational governments would like to put forward a target for a holistic and ecosystem-based approach for enhancing city-region food systems. Why the city-region approach? We have heard along the day the need to connect urban and rural realities and challenges around the agriculture and food security topic. The city-region approach represents a tool for interconnecting urban-rural linkages as it allows to organise food systems in a whole territory beyond its administrative boundaries. Why a holistic and ecosystem-based approach? We are also hearing today the multi-facet reality of the topic we are discussing. This is also true for food and agriculture systems in cities. However, we tend to think only about urban - or at most peri-urban agriculture, underestimating that the potential for action is much wider. Actually cities working on food system are having to address topics ranging from lessening food crises for poverty alleviation or disaster management; to managing a rise in obesity, and promoting a sustainable diet; whilst also working on waste management and adapting to the changing climate to ensure the resilience of the food supply within their community. .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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