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Stakeholder Forum and partners have launched the Sustainable Development Goals e-Inventory, a new online tool to crowdsource proposals on global goals for the post-2015 period. The SDGs e-Inventory provides all stakeholders with a platform to outline their vision for post-2015 global goals. It aims to help stakeholders (including governments and intergovernmental organisations) become better informed about the wide range of proposals, expectations and evidence-based arguments on SDGs and other global goals being proposed for the post-2015 development framework. It will also provide capacity building resources to help stakeholders fill knowledge gaps around the intergovernmental process, develop their own proposals, build alliances, and develop advocacy strategies. The e-Inventory will provide stakeholders with the data to undertake analysis to identify trends, commonalities and knowledge/evidence gaps. Stakeholder Forum will also conduct and disseminate regular analysis to inform the intergovernmental process on SDGs. Overall, the e-Inventory hopes to improve the likelihood of achieving a SDGs framework which fully integrates the three dimensions of sustainable development. To find out more visit .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
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