• Location: Indonesia
  • Sectors:
  • By: Indonesia
  • Type: National
  • Year: 2007
National Action Plan Addressing Climate Change
In 2010 Indonesia established a $1bn Green Investment Fund to boost economic growth and to reduce emissions.

The objective in formulating a National Action Plan to address climate change was for it to be used as guidance to various institutions in carrying out a coordinated and integrated effort to tackle climate change. Addressing the impact of climate change should not be conducted by a few sectors only. Good coordination between sectors is essential to ensure the success of climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts in Indonesia.

The National Action Plan is a dynamic policy instrument that will periodically need evaluation, renewal and improvement, in response to the dynamic of climate change itself. The Plan serves as a guide for all sectors, in the centre and the regions, in implementing development, now and in the future. The Plan is to be incorporated into Indonesia's Long Term Development Action Plan 2005-2025 and the Medium Term Development Action Plan.

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