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  • Location: Serbia
  • Sectors:
  • By: Serbia
  • Type: National
  • Source: The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Republic of Serbia
  • Year: 2003
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Strategy for Waste Management
Waste policy and legislation, adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia in 2003, includes National waste management strategy.

Waste management in the Republic of Serbia is based on a number of laws, bylaws and regulations (almost 30) which have to be harmonized with the EU legislation. Waste policy and legislation includes National waste management strategy. This policy determines creation of Regions/Districts for waste management. Taking into account specific conditions and waste management practices in the Republic of Serbia by 2012, it is most realistic to expect implementation of landfillgas (LFG) collection and flaring projects, as well as LFG collection for electricity generation projects under the clean development mechanism (CDM) project activity.