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  • Location: Brazil
  • Sectors:
  • By: Brazilian Association of Sustainability Professionals
  • Type: National
  • Source: ABRAPS
  • Year: 2012
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Minimum Agenda for Sustainability ABRAPS
The Agenda, prepared on the behalf of the Brazilian Sustainability Professionals, proposes a National Programme for Sustainable Development comprehending nine aspects, from objectives and metrics to health and education.

The Minimum Agenda for Sustainability ABRAPS was prepared by a committee of sustainability professionals. Started in October 2011, the final text was published in April 2012. It targets all sectors of Brazilian society, and may become a model for other countries as well.
It covers nine aspects for a proposed National Programme for Sustainable Development:
- sustainability metrics and goals
- green jobs
- sustainable standards of production and consumption
- climate change
- biodiversity
- health
- diversity
- social inclusion
- education for sustainability