Ocean Industry Leadership and Collaboration for Ocean/SIDS Sustainable Development
Description/achievement of initiative

The WOC will develop a cross-sectoral coalition of leadership companies to collaborate with other stakeholders on key SIDS sustainable development challenges, e.g. adaptation/resilience of ports to extreme events/sea level rise; increasing ocean knowledge through data collection from 'ships of opportunity'; reducing plastics and marine debris through adequate port reception facilities; reducing the transfer of aquatic invasive species; fostering private sector support for science-based best practices in sustainable tourism, aquaculture and fisheries; working to advance ocean-based renewable energy opportunities; engaging Young Ocean Professionals from SIDS into a global network; increasing investment in ocean sustainable development.

Implementation methodologies

The initiative will be implemented by developing a series of SIDS projects within the World Ocean Council (WOC) program areas. The WOC program areas include: Regional Ocean Industry Leadership and Collaboration Ocean Knowledge Disaster Risk Reduction Climate Change Adaptation Energy Decarbonization Food and Water Security Ocean Governance, Policy and Planning Marine Biodiversity Conservation Marine Pollution Reduction The annual Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) will provide the yearly opportunity to review and assess progress with the global ocean business community and other stakeholders.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

The WOC SIDS program of action will develop capacity building efforts and actions into each of the project areas as they develop.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

The initiative will be developed and governed through the World Ocean Council (WOC) - the international, multi-industry business leadership alliance on "Corporate Ocean Responsibility". The WOC is a not-for-profit organization.


World Ocean Council (WOC)
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Dec 2017
Ocean industry leadership alliance for sustainable development in the Pacific
In-kind contribution
Ocean data collection from industry vessels operating in the Pacific

Basic information
Time-frame: December 2016 - December 2030
World Ocean Council (WOC)
Contact information
Paul Holthus, CEO, paul.holthus@oceancouncil.org
United Nations