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AWISH - Hellas - Mesogeiou is a nonprofit registered in Greece and in the United States (Washington State) for educational and charitable purposes. AWISH's objective is to promote understanding and education in community sustainable development. The Corporation's activities include the development of model programs, applied research, seminars, academic programs and university partnerships, workshops and activities which demonstrate sustainable community development that promote a community's social, economical, and environmental well being, including activities that promote: a) individual and community mental, social, economical and spiritual health, wellness and wellbeing, b) community social-interaction, c) community service, d) social, economical and environmental justice, e) community self determination, f) environmental education and human and natural resources protection, g) community energy sustainability and recycling, h) biodiversity, i) environmentally sound economical development, j) culture and architectural resources protection and enrichment, and k) creative artistic and endeavors including fine and performing arts.

Implementation methodologies

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

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Government of Greece - City of Argostoli, Kefalonia
Government of Greece - Prefecture of Kefalonia

Major Groups:
Huxley College of the Environment (Western Washington University) (United States of America)
BioPolitics International Organization, Athens (Greece)

A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity - International (United States of America)

Sustainable Development Goals and targets
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This initiative does not yet fulfil the SMART criteria.
Date of completion: 2010-12-01
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