China North and South Pole Strategic Cooperation Project
Description/achievement of initiative

Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC) is Chinese research center in the field of comprehensive studies of the polar region. The institute is in charge of Key Laboratory of Polar Science of the State Oceanic Administration. Research at the institute focuses on: polar glaciology, polar oceanographic science, polar upper atmospheric physics, polar biological science and polar information platform.

PRIC is the polar information center of China. It is responsible for Chinese Polar Science Database, polar information network, National Polar Archives of China, Polar Library, polar sample database, polar science journals, Polar Popular Museum, etc. It provides public services.

Polar research is a great cause of human exploration of the natural wonder and the promotion of the sustainable development of the society. China has been researching on poles since 1980 and has built the Antarctic Great Wall Station and Zhongshan Station and Kunlun Station and Arctic Yellow River Station, undertaking a series of valuable scientific research. However, restricted by the harsh environment of the poles, the research protection activities there also become a high-risk endeavor. The PRIC is in urgent need of machinery support with high quality and efficiency. To further improve and protect the work of PRIC, Liugong and PRIC has sign an agreement of a strategic cooperation in regards of polar mechanical equipment protection.

Implementation methodologies

Liugong regularly donates funds to PRIC and construction machinery and equipment, and sends technicians to the pole for maintenance and supporting the equipment.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

The fund donated by Liugong is operated and managed by the Special Fund Management Committee, on the basis of compliance with the agreement, according to Shanghai Zeng’ai Foundation Constitution and Zeng’ai Polar Research Special Fund Regulation.


Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC), Shanghai Zeng’ai Foundation
Deliverable Date
donate 3 million RMB, construction machinery (totaly worthy of 2 million RMB), at least two technicians to the research station in the pole every year 2017
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Financing (in USD) $481,500
Other, please specify construction machinery (totaly worthy of 320800 USD)
Staff / Technical expertise at least two techincians every year to the research stations in the pole
In-kind contribution time, logistics, infrastructure, administrative team

  • Location: Research stations in the Arctic and Antarctic of PRIC (Changcheng Station, Zhongshan Station, Kunlun Station and the stations being built in the future)
  • Date of completion: 31 Aug 2017
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Huayi Lin, Strategic planning specialist,

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