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Disaster displacement is one of the biggest humanitarian challenges of the 21st century. Every year, millions of people are forced to leave their homes because of floods, tropical storms, droughts, glacier melting, earthquakes and other natural hazards. Many find refuge within their own country, but some have to move abroad. Scientists warn that climate change is projected to increase displacement in the future, both internally and across borders.

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The Steering Group directs and steers the work of the Platform and related efforts at the global level on the basis of an approved Strategic Framework and Workplan. The Steering Group contains between 15 and 20 States and the European Union, represented through their Permanent Missions/Delegations in Geneva, and its composition reflects a wide and balanced geographic representation. UNHCR and IOM are standing invitees to the Steering Group.
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This initiative does not yet fulfil the SMART criteria.
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