Pas-Port to Mobility
Description/achievement of initiative

'Pas-Port to Mobility' a freely accessible portal with 10 different angles for city officials to approach sustainable urban mobility:
•The ‘Urban Mobility Embassy’ is a Service Desk
•The 'Urban Mobility Lab' offers a process for sustainable urban mobility planning
•‘Showcasing' is a supporting portal
•‘Experience by Peers' positions cities with expertise
•The ‘Studio' is a Portal to Innovation
•The ‘Publisher’ provides news in articles, web TV, pictures, blogs and websites
•'The Consultancy' is the Portal to Solutions
•'The Factory' is the Portal to Products.
•The ‘Academy' is the portal to Knowledge and Good Practice.
•The Pas-Port to Mobility Search Engine

Implementation methodologies

Pas-Port to Urban Mobility establishes a portal with 9 websites and a search engine that connect relevant elements for urban mobility planning.
The idea of connecting horizontally relevant parties and interests in 9 portals is widely considered worthwhile to pursue. The connection between the 9 domains gives a deeper insight into the possibilities for realization of sustainable urban mobility planning.
The Search Engine will be the connecting Tool between the websites in Pas-Port to Mobility and will be fully available and for free to cities and others who seek connections. Looking for policy documents will not just provide them with these documents, but will also give insight in relevant news and developments, in a wide range of relevant advisory groups, available products and more. The portal will provide direct and intuitive links for cities that:
• want to improve mobility and quality of life for their citizens
• like to prepare this well and set focused goals
• insist to execute the chosen policy in an efficient way
• need to have a broad overview about available services and products
• require to be able to evaluate and correct their policies
• wish to make use of latest insights.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Velo Mondial, RAI Intertraffic Amsterdam
Progress reports
August 2013
4 Websites filled ad connected to search engine
December 2013
5 Websites filled ad connected to search engine
October 2012
Search Engine with connection to many databases with 25,000 documents
September 2012
Main portal structure with databases and space for 9 websites
Financing (in USD)
600,000 USD
In-kind contribution
Database filling, Database Analyses for the main portal structure and Database Connection Permissions Contract with Collexis Germany for the Search engine
Staff / Technical expertise
Web 3.0 for main portal, Design of the Language of Sustainable Mobility for the search engine

Basic information
Time-frame: 0000-00-00 - 31 Dec 2013
Velo Mondial, RAI Intertraffic Amsterdam
Contact information
Pascal van den Noort, Executive Director, operations@velomondial.net
United Nations