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Technology For A Cause Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids
Description/achievement of initiative

Technology For A Cause initiative is a step towards implementing the UN SDGs, particularly UN SDG 4 related to quality education. I have been involved with teaching and training for quite a number of years, have worked with a very prestigious education system of our country Beaconhouse School System. I have observed a marked difference between curriculum taught at public and private sector schools in Pakistan. There is no standardized education system. This project is for underprivileged kids who deserve the same quality education experiences extended to kids in elite schools,a step towards decreasing the gap that exist between schools.

Implementation methodologies

Weekly 3 to 4, 90 min interactive sessions with kids, kids are divided into 4 groups based on skills/grade-wise (SOS Children Village) I have developed a full curriculum over this one year, kids are engaged in different interactive activities that help build enhance different skills Scheme of Work https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-bEzDN_G9xc9Kb647Tvrs9W0uh6Sz4ElHOAtv3ftrRo/edit?usp=sharing Action Plan https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u5vuRSiFEucRG35GZThGZUNEHn-15fI65g5v1l71W1k/edit?usp=sharing Lesson Breakup: Whole class activity 15 - 20 mins (can be video watch, read a story, draw a mind map etc) Pair or group work 15 - 20 mins (construct a bridge using blocks, record story in Flipgrid etc) Individual task on computer or tablets 20 mins (worksheets, online game using abcya.com, mind mapping in Popplet, art work etc) Recap 10 mins or so With the Second School, we communicate online and share activities through Google Doc (find attached), and we try to connect them to global peers through various online projects , first is the Global Art Exchange Project with Oneworldclassrooms Action Plan https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R03lrF3kp5xxg624cSKK2uNsLUUHY8u3DvAnYrNYtUg/edit?usp=sharing Online through email/whatsapp/drive with Ran'aa Child Welfare Foundation

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

There are 5 Android Tablets handed over to the SOS Director, which are used according to the activity planned. Its a smooth transfer. The elder kids are trained to work as Internees , they help with younger kids during class (some times)

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

Both the SOS Director Mrs Kokab Qureshi and Head Ran'aa Child Welfare Foundation Mrs Mehwish Javed are taken on board before enrolling kids in different projects and activities. Details regarding projects and various activities are shared through emails and google docs with all concerned. We have been using Google Docs, Drive for the Oneworldclassroom project Once we have the approval of all concerned, the project is carried on with the kids. Communication is done through emails, whatsapp, telephone throughout to ensure smooth working at both ends. The end products are shared with all concerned. feedback is taken to improve in future activities.


SOS Children's Village Peshawar Ran'aa Child Welfare Foundation Mathletics, abcya.com iEARN International Education and Resource Network Popplet
Progress reports
Goal 4
Dec 2018
Final report accompanied with evidences of student work, global exchange evidences, student interviews and comments in Flipgrid, global responses etc), evaluating impact on learning, impact of technology , skills enhanced etc
Jan - Mar 2018
25 - 50 Peices of Art work displaying culture, community, family to be exchanged with a partner global school through the OneWorldClassroom Project
Mar - May 2018
Report on 4 Schools being engaged globally with their peers through various online projects (iEARN,Empatico, OneWorldClassrooms)
Sep 2017 - ongoing
Communication and collaboration Report on the International Book Club Project with global peers through iEARN (no of books read, links to SDGs, students work etc)
Other, please specify
1 Laptop
Other, please specify
5 Android Tablets
Other, please specify
Educational Resources (Stationary, Worksheets, blocks, playdough, storybooks etc)
Other, please specify
Online Resources abcya.com, Mathletics, Popplet, iEARN, a 4G USB device for Internet facilities etc

Basic information
Time-frame: December/2016 - Ongoing
SOS Children's Village Peshawar Ran'aa Child Welfare Foundation Mathletics, abcya.com iEARN International Education and Resource Network Popplet
Contact information
Sheeba Ajmal, Ms, sheebaajmal@yahoo.com
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