Bio-toilets - Sustainable Solution to India’s Sanitation Challenge
Description/achievement of initiative

Reduce open defecation and spread sustainable sanitation through bio-toilets

Implementation methodologies

Install bio-toilets in households - rural and urban, including densely populated slum areas, institutions: schools and universities, rail carriages; beaches, tourist places, construction sites, and factories, and even plantations;Partner with governmental bodies at national and provincial levels;Associate with NGOs and non-profit organizations such as Engineers Without Borders, Shelter Associates, Gramalaya and others;Tap corporate support through CSR activities and funds.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

• Technology transfer from Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)• Capacity augmentation and team building• Set up R&D facility for further application areas, and for effective utilization of by-products of the system• Increase capacity of inoculation of bio-digesters• Scale up production of bio-tanks and prototype mobile production units• Innovation in the bio-toilet and bio-tank – design, material, and the product• Prototype mobile production units

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

Banka BioLoo’s solutions address the following needs/pain points of the end-user:• Meet the need for basic, easy-to-install and hygienic human waste disposal mechanism in areas with no infrastructural facilities• Address the need for a cheaper and easy-to-operate alternative to the traditional waste disposal system.The bio-toilet system consists of an easy to install super-structure, a multi-chambered matriced bio-digester tank that holds the bacterial culture and allows the treatment of the human waste. The system doesn’t need any external energy for treatment, rather emits pathogen-free effluent water that is good for gardening and similar purposes; and bio-gas that could be used for cooking or heating (in case of large institutions). The system meets all regulatory and environmentally compliances and enhances the socio-environmental fabric of India. Moreover, the bio-digester technology was initially developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for the defence personnel. The enterprise is pioneering this, in an integrated approach, and taking this effective and innovative sanitation solution to the civil population with varying applications.


Banka BioLoo Pvt Ltd Defence Research and Development Organisation
Progress reports
Goal 6
Clean and hygienic rail tracks (positive impact on families residing beside tracks)
Access to environmentally friendly sanitation system
Water recycled through primary treatment in bio-tank
Better health
Staff / Technical expertise
Support sanitation campaign

Basic information
Time-frame: 31 Aug 2012 - 31 Dec 2019
Banka BioLoo Pvt Ltd Defence Research and Development Organisation
Contact information
Sanjay Banka, Managing Director, sanjay.banka@bankabio.com
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