Assisting with disaster relief mapping for medical, energy,and climate erosion damages
Description/achievement of initiative

Understand and develop rapid response to climate change relief, either in disaster scenarios and climate increases, through mapping and advanced data analysisi and technology.

Implementation methodologies

Evidence suggests that a temperature increase will affect the very sensitive coral ecosystems so that an early alert system such as the one wgdesign and partners are developing will assist in halting damage by bleaching of the coral reef and decline in the reef population. The reef population is a very important ecosystem, with several species dependent on it for their habitat and other protective services such as coastline erosion.Wgdesign is a technology firm with experience in the design and implementation of software products. It specializes in forecasting and probability, with partners Nupic and Esri mapping, we will continue to develop the product. This is also dependant on the original project development with the FishHackathon. The project was developed with other funding interests. This technology application can be used very easily in a vessel designed for oceanic watching, eco-servicing, etc. Data is furnished through several oceanic agency, and weather services including N.A.S.A.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

wgdesign is involved with several humanitarian and community-based action groups with multiple levels of experience. More importantly we want to develop a more open, horizontal, technology-based grid to assist with several issues as mentioned above. We welcome the opportunity to discuss technology and humanitarian development strategy and implementation, and also lab development scenarios.


Esri, mapping services, UN data, Humanitarian Data Exchange, W.H.O. and World Bank, Redis Cloud Computing, Mongo DB, IBM, Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation, African Academy of Sciences
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Sanction Assistance with request from CITGO OIl & Gas Venezuela, Representative ie WGdesign request. Given sanctions with Venezuela I am requesting assistance with the transfer of rescources that may be hindering port activity in the NYC NYMEX area. I am in contact with attorneys for Ctation/Nobel energy of I am a legal Heir. Need more assistance for unerstanding depth of the sanctions effects on delivery in port areas. Will contact Summitomo Heavy for more outbound assistance.
Research and increased technology for data analysis of acidification and temperaturr increase with carbon footprint alterationd
conference updates to island ngo and others
Mapping of ring vaccine administration for Ebola virus DRC
OsiJoe Touchinglives grant development, clinic Nigeria technology transfer
OsiJoe Touchinglives grant development african Academy of Sciences, payment filing details need advanced research.
January 2016
First onsite oceanographic test of system using direct weather warning alerts
June 2015
First technology application developed with final testing, submitted to Fish Hackathon
June 2016
Any onsite application installed either by buoy or vessel to track weather conditions along reefs for early warning alert
Staff / Technical expertise
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Staff / Technical expertise
Redis data computing, Jean Winget speaker Redis Conference 2018
Staff / Technical expertise
Transport, delivery pipeline technology in area, several requests made from sources around Citation oil units as I am legal contract for delivery of WTI to NYMEX. See contract operations.

Basic information
Time-frame: 06/2015 - 06/2020
Esri, mapping services, UN data, Humanitarian Data Exchange, W.H.O. and World Bank, Redis Cloud Computing, Mongo DB, IBM, Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation, African Academy of Sciences
Contact information
Jean Winget, owner/wgdesign, wings123@hotmail.com
United Nations