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World's Largest Lesson Nigeria

The World’s Largest Lesson is a global project to engage all children in learning about the SDGs and using these as a stimulus for both SDG advocacy and local community action.
Creative resources and training are provided to teachers and peer educators to enable them to engage children and young people in the Goals and local action.

World’s Largest Lesson Nigeria in October 2019 aims to deliver mass youth and citizen engagement in the SDGs and accelerate progress towards SDGs 4.7 and 12.8 (education for sustainable development).

The project includes the following methodologies:
- Creation of bespoke free teacher training and resources for teaching the SDGs in Nigeria
- The activation of a volunteer youth network to teach lessons in schools across the country in one week of October 2019
- The deepening of SDGs learning experience for a smaller number of students invited to take part in after school clubs and generate ideas for local
community projects. A national challenge to award the best ideas with small grants to bring ideas to life.
- The leveraging of student experience into a call to action to Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Education from 500k children to accelerate the inclusion of
SDGs learning into Nigeria’s national curriculum so that all students can participate in learning with and for the SDGs.
- The creation of a Progress Event in which students, teachers and stakeholders join to witness student experience. Within this event stakeholders and
decision makers will meet to discuss the proposal and identify a plan for move forward.
- The project is inspired and supported by the World’s Largest Lesson, funded by Avanti Communications and delivered locally by 3 NGOs.

Evidence of success will be the inclusion of education for sustainable development (including environment, climate change and social justice) either within the formal national curriculum for Nigeria or as part of a formally agreed annual programme of learning outside of core academic time. Eg after school clubs.

Expected impact

500k children engaged in learning about the Goals.
30k children engaged in after school clubs and local community action projects
8000 youth and teacher volunteers trained to teach the SDGs using resources contextualised for resources.

Prolonged Impact
Progress towards all children in Nigeria being able to participate in education for sustainable development either through formal learning mechanisms or through systemised but informal routes such as National Youth Service programmes.

Citizen awareness of SDGs and issues of sustainability brought into homes and communities through teaching of young people.


http://worldslargestlesson.globalgoals.org/resources-for-teaching-the-sdgs-in-nigeria/ https://www.club17africa.org/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/624292384678945/learning_content/

Goal 4
Goal 12
Financing (in USD)
100 USD
In-kind contribution
An awareness raising campaign via Facebook and Instagram to train teachers and invite wider partiipation
Staff / Technical expertise
Creation of localised learning resources by teachers and curriculum experts from World's Largest Lesson and Global Teacher Prize winners Nigeria.
Staff / Technical expertise
DEAN Initiative bringing expertise in cascaded youth volunteering and campaigns
Basic information
Start: 01 March, 2019
Completion: 30 December, 2019
Project Everyone's World's Largest Lesson (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
the DEAN Initiative (NGO), Teens Can Code (NGO) Centre for Development Support Initiatives (NGO), Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President SDGs (govt), Federal Ministry of Education (Govt), UNESCO (UN /Multilateral Body) ,UNICEF (UN /Multilateral Body), Avanti Communications (Private Sector) Facebook (Private Sector)
Initiative focused on COVID-19 pandemic response, prevention and recovery efforts
Not specified
Geographical coverage
Beneficiary countries
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Contact information
Alison Bellwood, Ms, alisonb@project-everyone.org, +447712583261
London, United Kingdom
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