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This acceleration action consists of creating new partnerships for sustainability through the subscription of the “Agreement for sustainable development in Lombardy” by all interested entities (institutional and non-institutional) which can provide an active contribution to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It was approved by Regional Government on July 22nd 2019, after a path with the most representative bodies in Lombardy; it was subscriber on September 18th 2019, and now it is open to new accession.
The Agreement aims at gathering all the actors involved in the development of our economy and society to set out common goals for a sustainable future. To this end, the partners commit to set up common tools and promote shared measures which can address the challenge of the transition towards sustainable development.
Public and private decision-making processes will be led by sustainable principles making Lombardy one of the leading region in Europe and worldwide for biodiversity and ecosystem services conservation, circular economy, energy transition and decarbonisation, thus encouraging a coherent and integrated connection between the economic, social and environmental dimensions.
The long-lasting perspective of the Agreement confirms the need of a long-term scenario. The Regional Strategy for Sustainable Development is recognised as a guide capable to defining common objectives and monitoring the achievement of set targets. The Strategy has been built with the active participation of all the Agreement subscribers’ as well.
Technological innovation, support to research in various areas of sustainability and development of digital tools are identified as essential actions to implement the Agreement; moreover, further elaborations and implementing acts will enable the adaptation to new emerging challenges.
Information, communication and dissemination actions, environmental education and engagement of schools ensure a wider contribution of Lombardy society in supporting a whole sustainable development approach.
Lombardy Region operates a place for discussion dedicated to sustainable development, also through a virtual platform, and coordinating an annual forum dedicated to sustainable development and open to the subscribers
The subscribers commit to:
- implement the principle of sustainable development within its own scope of activity, in its three aspects: economic, social and environmental;
- contribute to the definition of the Regional Strategy for Sustainable Development;
- make the implementation of the Strategy possible, providing new ideas and concrete actions then measuring the results achieved.
Each subscriber defines, independently and according to its own organisation and purpose, its own commitment schedule, of which it is directly and fully responsible.

Expected impact

The Agreement aims to spread and increase awareness of sustainable development to Lombard economic and social operators, in order to promote the implementation of the SDGs: the greater the number of the subscribers, the greater the number of citizens who will actively contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.
The collection of these commitment schedules and their monitoring could give important information about the implementation of the SDGs in Lombardy region.
Good practices already activated in Lombard territory will be collected and disseminated in order to replicate the good examples found.



Goal 2
Goal 6
Goal 7
Goal 8
Goal 9
Goal 11
Goal 12
Goal 13
Goal 14
Goal 15
Goal 17
Financing (in USD)
Staff / Technical expertise
Each subscriber will dedicate at least one responsible to implement the commitment schedule
Staff / Technical expertise
In Lombardy regional Government there is an office dedicated to the implementation of sustainable development
Financing (in USD)
Basic information
Start: 22 July, 2019
Completion: 31 March, 2023
REGIONE LOMBARDIA (Local / Regional Government)
First subscribers more than 50 partners representing professional associations, local governments, non governmental organisations (NGOs), civil society, Academic institutions, Scientific communities, private sector organisations, trad unions, research institutes (list of subscribers on website)
Initiative focused on COVID-19 pandemic response, prevention and recovery efforts
Not specified
Geographical coverage
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficiaries
First subscriber represent potentially all institutional bodies, most part of companies active in Lombardy, association (social, environmental,…), therefore this action can reach each citizen in our region (10 million inhabitants, 960.000 companies), but eventually people outside the Lombardy region
Contact information
Mario Nova, Director General Environment and Climate, svilupposostenbile@regione.lombardia.it, +39 02 6765 5053
Milan - Italy
United Nations