Inclusive and differentiated Social Protection for Women in Mexico

Due to the sanitary emergency faced by all countries right now, it has been evaluated strictly necessary to hurry some activities about the agricultural worker’s situation. That’s why, the Executive Committee of the project determined the early implementation of two immediately actions in these topic:
1. Dissemination materials on social protection for women agricultural workers
a. Design of informative prevention materials on Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) and COVID 19 according to local context and culture in the states of Jalisco-Oaxaca on the Pacific route of temporary agricultural workers.
2. Capacity building and awareness of stakeholders on social protection and economic inclusion of rural workers and indigenous women at national and local levels
a. 6 virtual sessions of public policy recommendations with the government and employers to mitigate the effects of COVID 19 on Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) of temporary agricultural workers.

Both of these activities are right now on implementation since April’s second week and till June’s second week.

Expected impact

Last February has officially launched the multiagency – government project named Closing gaps: making Social Protection work for women in Mexico. This project, implemented by ILO, UN Women and FAO, in cooperation with de Chief of the Staff at the Presidency of Mexico.
To address the problem, the programme will focus on two main components: 1) improving the legal and policy framework, in order to extend social protection coverage for women especially for those in vulnerable situations, and 2) Increasing the knowledge and commitment of key stakeholders who can contribute to change with the highest concentration of domestic workers and rural and indigenous women, to reduce inequality and support decent work.
By 2022, the programme will have contribute to increasing the coverage of social protection for women in Mexico, through these three principal activities:
1. A comprehensive policy for domestic workers that includes the adoption of a permanent regime on social protection, its application in states, and the inspection protocol for domestic work
2. The establishment of the National Care Strategy and its implementation at local level.
3. Development of an innovative policy strategy aimed to women temporary agricultural workers, tailored to the context of two states for its initial implementation



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Multistakeholder partnership to address the social protection needs of domestic workers and rural women
Basic information
Start: 20 January, 2020
Completion: 01 January, 2022
Office of the Presidency of Mexico (Government)
UN Women, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Labor Organization (LOI), Mexican Institute of Social Security (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) (IMSS), Ministry of Labor and Social Prevision (Secretaria del Trabajo y Prevision Social) (STPS)
Initiative focused on COVID-19 pandemic response, prevention and recovery efforts
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Latin America and the Caribbean
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Gemma Santana Medina, National Coordinator for the 2030 Agenda in the Office of the Presidency of Mexico, fdelamora@sre.gob.mx,
United Nations