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Regional agreement on access to justice and legal empowerment in Latin America

Consolidate a broad regional agreement on access to justice and legal empowerment. Recently, ACIJ has been working on a national agreement on access to justice, consolidating more than 120 public policy proposals into a single multi-stakeholder platform. The Agreement is a joint initiative of more than 70 civil society organizations, public institutions, academics and representatives of disadvantaged groups, which aims to promote a comprehensive agenda of reforms to guarantee equal access to justice and to make effective the rights of the population, especially those groups in vulnerable
We want to take advantage of those discussions to deepen and broaden the established in the Declaration of Villa Inflammable and generate a broad regional discussion and agreement on concrete public policies needed in the region to advance access to justice and legal empowerment.

Expected impact

We expect to have many more organizations of the region working on SDG16 since this initiative, and a consolidated agenda of public policy reforms that are needed in Latin-American countries to guarantee access to justice for all



Goal 16
Financing (in USD)
Basic information
Start: 01 November, 2019
Completion: 31 December, 2020
ACIJ - Civil Asociation for Equality and Justice (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
Namati (global), Themis (Brazil), CEGSS (Guatemala), GMIES (Salvador), Ecolex (Ecuador), CEMDA (Mexico), among many other network members from the region
Initiative focused on COVID-19 pandemic response, prevention and recovery efforts
Not specified
Geographical coverage
Latin America and the Caribbean
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Latinamerican countries
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Sebastián Pilo, Co-Director, spilo@acij.org.ar, 541143812371
City of Buenos Aires
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