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Global Hub on the Governance for the SDGs

Achieving progress on the Sustainable Development Goals will require governments to coordinate, consult and work across policy areas in an unprecedented way. It will require the strategic use of budget, procurement and regulatory tools and the design and implementation of innovative, forward-looking policies and programmes. All these issues can be part of a ‘governance’ agenda, which not only is a goal in itself, but also an essential enabler for the achievement of all other goals.
With a view to strengthening the public governance practices that are pre-requisites for effective SDG implementation, the Global Hub will draw on insights from OECD member and partner country experiences and help governments develop fit-for-purpose public governance systems to deliver on the SDGs.

Expected impact

The Global Hub on the Governance for the SDGs will help governments in implementing the 2030 Agenda by addressing central governance challenges. It does so by operating as a helpdesk for countries and institutions to draw on as needed. It provides an online Knowledge Platform for national experts and practitioners to interact, learn from each other and give advice on tackling specific governance bottlenecks. Its support is tailored to national priorities and circumstances and engages public authorities and other key stakeholders directly in a dialogue to build capacity for the effective use of governance mechanisms for the SDGs.
Through its work, the Global Hub will help countries enhance their governance practices in the following areas:
• Creating a whole-of-government approach to address the SDGs in an integrated way.
• Equipping policy practitioners with the right leadership skills and competencies, including people management and technical skills.
• Enhancing budgeting tools to account for the SDGs and other cross-cutting priorities such as environmental and gender considerations.
• Building a culture of integrity in support of the SDGs.
• Increasing transparency and participation throughout the policy making cycle.
• Enhancing monitoring and evaluation systems in support of the SDGs.
• Supporting gender equality in public life.
• Making access to justice equal, especially for vulnerable groups.



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Financing (in USD)
Staff / Technical expertise
The OECD, UNDP and the partner governments and organisations have a large number of experts which will work on improving the governance practices in support of the SDGs.
Staff / Technical expertise
The OECD, UNDP and the partner organisations have a comprehensive set of knowledge resources at hand on improving the governance for the SDGs, and more broadly on governance and SDG-related issues.
Basic information
Start: 25 September, 2019
Completion: 01 October, 2030
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (Intergovernmental organization)
Confirmed: OECD, UNDP (lead entities), Chile, Colombia, Romania, United Arab Emirates
To be confirmed: Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Iceland Finland, Germany, Ireland, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Uganda, United Kingdom, APRM, SDSN
Initiative focused on COVID-19 pandemic response, prevention and recovery efforts
Not specified
Geographical coverage
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Other beneficiaries
In the spirit of partnership and collaboration of the 2030 Agenda, the Global Hub seeks to foster the exchange of knowledge between stakeholders beyond government officials, including civil society, academia, the private sector and international organisations.
Contact information
Sara Fyson, Counsellor, Public Governance Directorate Head of Sustainable Development Unit, Sara.Fyson@oecd.org,
Paris, France
United Nations