Biodiversity Mapping & Remote Ecosystem Sensoring Using Proprietary Technology
Description/achievement of initiative

Arborem is developing software and technology for identifying, mapping and monitoring biodiversity focusing on virgin and degraded native forestry. On the ground remote sensoring, aerial technology and unique analytical software enable us to track the ebb and flow of biodiversity in almost any environment. When fully developed we will be able to preserve the integrity of bio-reserves and detect unwanted interventions. We are currently using this for the mapping of areas of land reform but the aim is to apply the technology as a tool in the regeneration, reforestation and remote monitoring of all Brazil's native habitats.

Implementation methodologies

With its experience in biodiversity, native forestry, sustainable management and with a development team in Recife as well as Sao Paulo, Arborem is able to develop its unique methodology. We have developed and continue to evolve our advanced proprietary mapping technology, and real-time remote sensoring together with the iGRF (Instituto Genômico de Recursos Florestais) and AGP (AeroGeoPhysica Latinoamerica).

Through static and cronologial biodiversity mapping we can offer natural resource exploration companies a precise scientific instrument measuring environmental impact. Aerial mapping and proprietary software enable us to identify and monitor different tree species in the rainforest.

AGP is part of Arborem's controlling group which also controls PETRA Energia, Latin America's largest privately held oil & gas company. The iGRF is a Brazilian genetic research institute focused on plant genomes and forestry resources. Arborem's international collaboration in this area is led by Charles Frewen a lifelong campaigner and supporter of the Brazilian Rainforest and Cerrado

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


iGRF (Instituto Genômico de Recursos Florestais)
AGP (AeroGeoPhysica Latinoamerica)
Progress reports
Dec 2013
Results of first pilot project using 50 remote sensors and locations
Jun 2012
Software product in Use
Jun 2013
Remote Sensoring Mapping
Financing (in USD)
2,000,000 USD
Other, please specify
Commitment value in cash and in kind US$2 million
Other, please specify
Commitment value in cash and in kind US$2 million
Staff / Technical expertise
programmers, Field Team, admin
In-kind contribution
use of AGP proprietary airplane Caravan 2011, sensors and other hardware

Basic information
Time-frame: - 2013-12-31
iGRF (Instituto Genômico de Recursos Florestais)
AGP (AeroGeoPhysica Latinoamerica)
Contact information
Charles Frewen, Director, frewen@frewen.com
United Nations