SDGs for Haiti

The Sustainable Development Goals for Haiti (SDG for Haiti) is a student-led project initiative that aims to implement the United Nations SDGs 2030 in our community by providing creative solutions to local problems under SDG3. Our unique position as students in a city where 80% of the population has no access to health pushed us to act.
our objectives by 2030 is to reduce the number of people who do not have access to care through a program to strengthen the quality of care in Haiti through various projects.
 So, we decided to tackle this problem by planning and executing different projects such as:
- the establishment of Community Pharmacy in hospitals, prison, and educational establishment. completely free, with medicines, hygiene products and first aid kits.
- training sessions on self-medication, which is a public health problem in Haiti.
- awareness campaign on the importance of medical insurance and also on vaccination.
- an advocacy project with the government on increasing the national health budget
 The organization and planning of these projects was entirely managed and directed by students who thus demonstrated their ability to achieve and collaborate effectively with organizations to achieve the objectives. We will use this effective networking and collaboration capacity to advance our goals.

 As a student group, we are well aware that our own resources are not enough to solve the problems ourselves, which has encouraged us to build coalitions with non-profit organizations and NGOs existing in our community. , not only by strengthening our common network, but also our communication and organizational capacities. In addition to partnering with local not-for-profit organizations, we also plan to work in local government by networking with our MP, state MP and school board representatives to further engage our city. in the UN SDGs.
Ultimately, we hope to be part of the decade of change and work alongside other countries to achieve these goals. We aim to leave a lasting impact on our community and for the common well-being of the future of the Haitian people and our global community as a whole.

Expected impact

Expected impact
1. establishment of 4 community pharmacy in the city of Port-au-prince at the general hospital, female prison of cabaret, penitentier center and the lycée de cite soleil.
2. online and face-to-face training for more than fifty marketing agents on the relationship between antibiotics and bacterial resistance and also on self-medication, to fight against the sale of antibiotics in the streets and against self-medication .
3. awareness of 60% of the Haitian population on the importance of having an insurance card and also a complete vaccination card.
4. According to a new report released by the World Bank today, the health sector needs more public investment and better spending allocation to improve access to care for all Haitians.
- Increase public resources for health
- Prioritize primary and preventive health care
- Increase equitable access to quality care


Goal 3
Financing (in USD)
Basic information
Start: 29 February, 2020
Completion: 01 March, 2021
State University Of Haiti (Academic institution)
SDGs for Santa Clarita, Friends of Health, BigBang Sante, CYEN Haiti,
Initiative focused on COVID-19 pandemic response, prevention and recovery efforts
Not specified
Geographical coverage
Latin America and the Caribbean
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficiaries
the Haitian population in general, the patients of the General Hospital, the prisoners, the Agents of marketing who sells the drugs on the street, schoolchildren.
Contact information
Danunca Nolyne Marie Milange Dameus, Mrs, dameusdanunca88@gmail.com, +50948440259
Port-au-prince, Haiti
United Nations