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Decent Life (Hayah Karima): Sustainable Rural Communities

It is worth mentioning that this initiative has contributed to mitigating the negative impacts of COVID-19 through improving the standards of living conditions of the most in need groups. While providing job opportunities through supporting SMEs. The goals of this initiative are to be achieved through: -
- Providing decent housing.
- Providing water and sanitation for deprived families.
- Providing medical and educational services.
- Establishing micro-projects for those most in need.
- Providing in-kind support periodically to most in need families.

Expected impact

“Decent Life” is an initiative endorsed by H.E President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, with the main objective of improving the quality of life in the poorest rural communities within the framework of the Sustainable Development Strategy: Egypt Vision 2030, through decreasing multidimensional poverty and unemployment rates.

The initiative has 4 pillars:
1. Improving living-standards and investing in human capital,
2. Developing infrastructure services,
3. Raising the quality of human development services, and
4. Economic development. Specially, it provides poorest villages with increased access to the basic services such as: health, education, water and sanitation…etc.

In January 2019, the first phase was launched targeting to cover 375 villages across Egypt. By launching the second phase, in January 2021, the number of targeted villages increased to 1500, with the number of beneficiaries representing 20% of the overall Egyptian population.

The initiative comes as an affirmation of the state's willingness to implement the participatory planning approach through integrating citizens in the need’s identification stage, along with the government and civil society's participation in the implementation and monitoring process.



Goal 1
Goal 2
Goal 3
Goal 4
Goal 6
Goal 10
Goal 11
Financing (in USD)
In-kind contribution
Providing Services.
Basic information
Start: 02 January, 2019
Completion: 31 December, 2030
Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (Government)
Egyptian Ministries, specialized agencies and civil society
Initiative focused on COVID-19 pandemic response, prevention and recovery efforts
Geographical coverage
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficiaries
Vulnerable households in targeted governorates; Breadwinner women; unemployed youths; people with disabilities.
Contact information
The Sustainable Development Unit The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, Egypt Vision 2030, egyptvision2030@mped.gov.eg, (+202) 24070700
Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
United Nations