TSC Water Security Fund®

Thomas Schumann Capital® (TSC) is the only sponsor of investable indices and products for water security and transformative investment. TSC collaborates with world-class financial institutions, the leading financial market data provider, the world’s foremost climate & water academia, the top NGOs for water security & responsible investing, and best-in-class index experts, ETF and exchanged-traded products providers firms to transform physical and financial water risk into long-term water security. TSC created and sponsors TSC Water Security Index, the world’s first benchmark index series quantifying water risk in equities, and the first of its kind water footprint for global capital markets. ​TSC identified two key strategies to fast-track a water-secure world; tracking water risk in securities; investing in companies that demonstrate water stewardship. TSC sponsors TSC Water Security Fund®, the world’s first transformative investment fund family for water stewardship, positive impact, ESG, responsible investing, engagement, sustainable long-term returns. TSC helps asset & wealth managers, investors, sovereign wealth and pension funds to mitigate portfolio risk from exposure to water and climatic extremes and to achieve sustainable alpha in the transition to climate adaptation, and net-zero.

Expected impact

Global corporate and investor awareness, positive impact, behavioral change, improved water stewardship.



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Start: 22 March, 2021
Completion: 22 March, 2030
Thomas Schumann Capital® (Private sector)
Thomas Schumann Capital® LLC, Wilmington/U.S.A. (private sector) Refinitiv, New York/U.S.A. (private sector), UNPRI, London/U.K. (NGO), Ceres, Boston/U.S.A. (NGO), CDP, London/U.K. (NGO), United Nations, New York/U.S.A. (NGO), Citigroup, New York/U.S.A. (private sector), Bloomberg, New York/U.S.A (private sector), Morgan Stanley, New York/U.S.A. (private sector), Moorgate Benchmarks, London/U.K. (private sector)
Initiative focused on COVID-19 pandemic response, prevention and recovery efforts
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Global capital markets: Financial institutions, investors, wealth managers, asset managers, central banks, sovereign wealth funds
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Thomas Schumann, Mr., thomas@thomasschumanncapital.com,
Wilmington, Delaware, United States
United Nations