Embedding Sustainability; Global Compact principles in member companies operations and strategies
Description/achievement of initiative

GCN India commits to work with member companies to enable them to embed sustainability in their operations; strategies through a range of diversified initiatives & action oriented activities.

Implementation methodologies

By work with member companies and enable them through a range of diversified initiatives and action oriented activities. For detailed information. Please kindly refer to the following deliverable.


GCN India
Deliverable Date
GCNI will undertake specific activities (see attached parameters) in the area of developing capacities of its member companies by providing training and capacity building programs periodically to help them comply with national and global standards in sustainability and environmental protection. 2015
GCNI will undertake to work (see attached parameters) with the Government to sensitize its members on sustainable development beyond Rio+20 and will also act as a catalyst towards framing of enabling policy regime in the country to ensure that development and sustainability go hand-in-hand. And enabling environment is a key to ensure that development and growth paradigms converge to ensure that the triple bottom line approach undertaken by Indian corporations succeeds keeping in view the national laws and International standards. 2015
GCNI will consolidate the process by all stakeholders to ensure successful implementation of member companies' efforts to embed sustainability practices across their supply chain in order to sustain. 2015

Action Network
  • Global Compact
, Executive Director, pooran_pande@hotmail.com

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