Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE)
Description/achievement of initiative

Building on the existing initiatives and expertise of the four agencies, PAGE is expected to be greater than the sum of its parts – offering countries a full range of integrated services and tools that will facilitate their national green economy plans. This collective effort will mobilize social awareness and special training, and foster policy development and implementation, as well as knowledge sharing and policy dialogues.Recognizing that each country must develop its own unique pathway, based on its national priorities and resources, to sustainable development, PAGE seeks to: Enable countries to formulate and adopt green economy policies by:- Offering a comprehensive suite of services and tools to governments and other stakeholders.- Promoting a strategic approach that links economic development to environmental sustainability and social inclusion.- Mobilizing policy support and collecting data to quantify the impacts of green economy investments.- Ensuring results-oriented capacity building and training for effective institutions. Strengthen the capacity of national partners to finance and implement inclusive green economy initiatives, including at the sectoral level, by: - Providing technical assistance to national counterparts on mobilizing finance and implementing green economy policies.- Advising on inter=ministerial and multi-stakeholder coordination mechanisms to build consensus, country ownership and overcome implementation challenges.- Shaping employment creation and industrial development strategies to advance technological pathways, facilitate entrepreneurship and enhance skills building.

Implementation methodologies

PAGE will strengthen the global knowledge base and improve universal accessibility to good practices, tools and updates on the green economy. Interested countries will be able to tap in a vast pool of resources and source high-quality advice on key issues related to the green economy.To make this happen, PAGE will: Develop and provide global access to tools and training programmes on green economy by: - Offering a comprehensive toolkit, as well as training packages and e-learning courses for policymakers, workers and other stakeholders. - Establishing a PAGE Academy and Leadership Programme. - Providing a dedicated web portal for practitioners to access the most up-to-date resources.Create and share knowledge on green economy to support its application at the country-level by: - Undertaking research and analysis to improve existing green economy modules and methodologies. - Developing a set of global and sectoral indicators for national green economy assessments. - Hosting knowledge-sharing events with PAGE partners and organizing high-level policy dialogues at both the regional and global levels.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

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Time-frame: 2014 - ongoing
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Partnership for Action on Green Economy , PAGE, PAGE@unep.org
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