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Cyclone Evan Recovery Project
Description/achievement of initiative

Improvement of the living condition of the population affected by the cyclone Evan; Improvement of the technical capacities of the affected population (APTC building training for the affected population).

Implementation methodologies

ADRA Samoa, as implementing agency done most of the coordination activities connecting different stakeholders.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

As part of the shelter component ADRA Samoa contacted APTC College. APTC provided training to affected population. Student-builders worked together with skilled ones to gain an experience. NZ VSA foreman was also invited to ensure quality.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

NDMO provided list of affected population; ADRA Germany provided technical support and secured funding from ECHO, APTC offered their services to train affected youth to became a professional accredited builders and help with a project implementation. ADRA Samoa supervised and implemented all project activities.At the end of the project Australian Aid stepped in and put the floor in rebuild houses. Habitat for Humanity and Swiss embassy provided additional funds to recover 60 more housing constructions.


ADRA Samoa, ADRA Germany, NDMO, Australian Aid, APTC, Swiss embassy, Habitat for Humanity, VSA NZ
Progress reports
Goal 15
Goal 17
580 targeted HH improved their quality of life by using the distributed NFI
580 targeted HH secured their diet by using the agriculture seedlings for replanting their kitchen gardens
100 most vulnerable HH out of all targeted population improved their living conditions by using the shelter kits to repair their houses
Financing (in USD)
200 USD
Staff / Technical expertise

Basic information
Time-frame: 0000-00-00 - 11 Sept 2014
ADRA Samoa, ADRA Germany, NDMO, Australian Aid, APTC, Swiss embassy, Habitat for Humanity, VSA NZ
Contact information
Su'a Julia Wallwork, Country Director, sjwallwork@adra.org.ws
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