Micro Capital Grant TC Evan
Description/achievement of initiative

The Cyclone Evan Shelter Reconstruction Project is intended to provide permanent safe housing, water and sanitation facilities to households who are struggling to recover leaving many families exposed to greater risk.

Implementation methodologies

ADRA Samoa, as implementing agency done most of the coordination activities connecting different stakeholders. The ADRA Country Director, Suâa Julia Wallwork was overseeing the project. An ADRA project manager was responsible for overseeing the activities of the contract on a daily basis. A builder foreman managed the builder team.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

During implementation of this project ADRA Samoa was working in close cooperation with UNDP. Building on previous experience of response to the cyclone Evan ADRA Samoa was able to transfer their knowledge and capacities to the current project as also share some building staff capacities.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

UNDP has selected recipient through fieldwork. ADRA engaged with recipient conduct a site visit and assess any access issues.ADRA created a Memorandum of Understanding, on behalf of UNDP, with recipient household to ensure: a. The dwelling will be accessible to media for an agreed period of time after project launchb. At least two household members or neighbors will be available to assist with constructionc. The household will agree to maintain the dwelling in its entirety and not sell any part. However additions and extensions in accordance with BBB Build Back Better protocol are encouragedThe UNDP negotiated with the recipient household and devise a site plan showing the location of dwelling and water tank at a scale of 1:100. The ADRA arranged the provision of any water and electricity on site in consultation with village and service providers.ADRA provided a revised costing for each component based Bill of Quantities, a list of contractors to be engaged in the construction project, construct dwelling in accordance with documents provided


Progress reports
Goal 6
Goal 11
Provide permanent housing to families in housing distress. Design based on Build Back Better principles.
Educate household members of the build back better principles and construction techniques.
Financing (in USD)
300 USD
Staff / Technical expertise

Basic information
Time-frame: 2014 - 2014
Contact information
Su'a Julia Wallwork, Country Director, sjwallwork@adra.org.ws
United Nations