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Reporting year: 2016
Achievement at a glance
Target: December 2016 At least 2 packages available to entrepreneurs, culture, leader, urban farming and business and funding have been implemented April 2016: 50 packages+new one for funding & business = 51 available to choose. 1000 visits to platform. 15 request to implementation. 3 Implemented packages: urban farming, business and funding.
Challenges faced in implementation
The habits of community to gather together, personal in touch, physical activities are the big challenges to available platform to work. Mostly visitors come to seek monies ... to funding their projects/initiatives without deep study and consider the available packages. The communities needs stiumulants especially funding facilities as 1st steps ... to equip and improve next activities requirements..
Next steps
As planning: maintenance and improve platform for implement packages. Evaluate available packages and create the new according to communities response. Seeking financial aids to preparing physical infrastructure to accomodate the communities needs (working space/office, gathering events, relations maintenance, the Teams to manage the real packages priorities to implement). Resource based for SMART be the next priority
Measurable outcomes
The growers for catfish, the activist for community development, the farmers of vegetables, the households mothers, transport suppliers, feedstocks, material tools equipment suppliers for production, street food vendors,
Market for growers and farmers and vendors, facilities supports and opportunities for local communities to be part of that projects, available job for wife/household mother to process foods, available cheaps and healthy raw materials (fish, vegetables) for urban household, available vehicles for activist to promote their programs
Status of initiative
On track
Supporting Documents
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