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Reporting year: 2015
Achievement at a glance
• Creating the online global platform for poverty alleviation www.universitiespa.org. • Stablishing an international network of Universities for Poverty Alleviation (UPA) with 53 members of 20 countries (December 2015). • Organising the I International Congress of Rectors UPA. • Particpating in International higher education forums to position UPA as a relevant and innovative actor in this field.
Challenges faced in implementation
Next steps
- Participate in the summer school of Universidad Interncaiocnla meendez pelayo woth a meeting entitled: UNIVERSITIES FOR POVERTY ALLEVIATION (UPA) INNOVANDO CONTRA LA POBREZA DESDE TU DELFT Y EL ITM. (June 2016) - Promote the creation of an international university Ranking to measure how universities perform in poverty alleviation and Social University Responsibility. - Promote a UNESCO - UPA recognition to award the most innovative and efficient universities working in poverty alleviation. - Lobby in order to give a bigger recognition to academic research on poverty, development and SDG issues. - Participate in the IV Encuentro de Rectores UNIVERSIA (summer 2018) and organise an international UPA meeting.
Measurable outcomes
53 universities from 20 different countries
Thanks to their participation in UPA these institutions have made a reflection about their commitment wth poverty alleviation and the role they play in the consecution of the SDG. Also they can benefit by: - Sharing ideas among the universities that belong to the UPA network. - Gaining visibility thorugh the activities organised by UPA such as the meeting at the UIMP summer school.
Status of initiative
On track
Supporting Documents
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