Reporting year: 2016
Achievement at a glance
Sustainable Week has passed its first month successfully. Sustainable Week has mobilized more than 700 people in its various activities. It has made visible the work of more than 25 entities responsible for the environment and society.\r\n\r\nCurrently, we are looking for sources of funding to further promote CSR and Global Compact principles.
Challenges faced in implementation
The most important challenge is financing the project.
Next steps
The following steps are: - Investigate CSR practices in Basque companies - Getting finance new activities - Increase the area of influence
Measurable outcomes
Responsible entities (companies, associations and groups) and civil society of the Basque Country.
For a month we have created different activities in the city of Bilbao to promote Sustainable Development. We have involved the public to convey a broader concept of sustainability. We have organized activities of all kinds, from a business conference to sustainable fashion exhibitions and cineforums on Human Rights.
Presentation of the work of the ILO in Spain
Film forum with UNESCO Etxea - UNESCO Center of Basque Country
Fashion Revolution Exhibition
International Forum: Sustainable Week
Elevator Pitch for sustainable startups of Basque Country
Research on CSR in Basque companies
Status of initiative
On track
United Nations