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Reporting year: 2016
Achievement at a glance
UNESCO is cooperating with SIDS on the implementation of the Global Action Programme on ESD (GAP), the follow up to the UN Decade of ESD. The National Council on CC and Clean Development Mechanism and the National Institute of Teachers Training of the Dominican Republic (INAFOCAM) have become Key Partners for the implementation of the Global Action Programme on ESD. UNESCO implemented Climate change education country programmes in Mauritius, Guyana, Cuba, the Philippines, Tuvalu and the Dominican Republic; organized training sessions on “Climate change education inside and outside the classroom” in Cape Verde, the Dominican Republic and Nouvelle Caledonia and provided a 4 days training course on “Comprehensive schools safety” to 45 education planners, education infrastructure planners and curriculum developers from 14 Caribbean countries.
Challenges faced in implementation
Next steps
With SIDS being among the countries hardest hit by climate change, the GAP devotes special emphasis to SIDS.UNESCO is currently developing Flagship Projects in each of the five Priority Action Areas of the GAP (e.g., scaling up ESD work in teacher training institutions). These Flagship Projects will benefit SIDS among other groups and regions.
Measurable outcomes
Education planers and practitioners
Beneficiaries received trainings and technical support though climate change education country programmes, training session on climate change education and comprehensive schools’ safety.
Status of initiative
On track
Supporting Documents
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