Reporting year: 2016
Achievement at a glance
-Support for integrated environmental assessment: by making accessible global, regional and national data and knowledge flows. -Capacity support: through the Indicator Reporting Information System which will help countries share data and transform it into indicators for reporting to MEAs, for SDG's and SoE’s. IRIS has been deployed in Samoa and has potential use in other countries in the region. -SDG Synergies: which provides an effective way to retrieve relevant indicator-level data and show relationships between SDG and MEA-related data. -Development of a web intelligence portal: users can access in real-time, current opinions and trends in public discourse on key issues.
Challenges faced in implementation
Funding challenges limits the number of countries that we can provide capacity support to on IRIS.
Next steps
Project development to increase funding for capacity development and continued development of key services provided by the UNEP Live.
Measurable outcomes
Using the Indicator Reporting Information System (IRIS), countries can share data among Ministries and use it for reporting - thus reducing the reporting burden and related capacity, financial and time constraints often faced.
GEO-SIDS Assessment report
2014 (September)
1. Support SoE and other reporting
Further development of UNEP Live to make available further data and knowledge resources and SDG indicator level data
2. Share data and knowledge
Status of initiative
On track
Supporting Documents
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