Reporting year: 2015
Achievement at a glance
Launched in 2014, the Governor, the four County Mayors, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, State Legislature and over 100 public and private partners launched the Aloha+ Challenge - a statewide commitment to six ambitious 2030 sustainability goals. Hawai‘i is already tracking progress with an online open data dashboard on three of six goals to provide accountability, and identifying annual shared policy actions to drive implementation. The Aloha+ Challenge is supported by public-private partnership Hawai‘i Green Growth, which serves as the backbone organization for statewide collaboration. The Aloha+ Challenge is Hawai‘i’s locally appropriate contribution to achieve the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.
Challenges faced in implementation
One of the key challenges faced in implementation of the Aloha+ Challenge 2030 goals is limited financial resources. Each of the six goals - clean energy, local food production, natural resource management, solid waste reduction, smart sustainable communities, and green workforce and education - requires investment to support long-term action.
Next steps
The next steps for the Aloha+ Challenge include completing the online dashboard to track progress on all six 2030 goals; identifying early actions, policies and projects to advance implementation; catalyzing innovative finance mechanisms to increase resources; and building international partnerships to learn and share best practices on achieving global Sustainable Development Goals.
Measurable outcomes
As a statewide initiative, the beneficiaries of the Aloha+ Challenge include elected leadership, non-governmental and private sector partners, and community members.
The Aloha+ Challenge provides a unified statewide sustainability vision for 2030; with support from the backbone organization Hawai‘i Green Growth, this framework provides shared definitions and measurements, a platform for coordinated action and priorities, builds capacity to advance policy and mobilize funding, and inspires collaboration on an integrated approach to sustainability.
1. Hawaii Statewide Sustainability Indicators & Dashboard
2. Increased funding for clean energy, local food production & natural resource management
3. Establish Aloha+ Challenge Leaders Council & Action Network for implementation
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