Reporting year: 2016
Achievement at a glance
Technology developmemt received well. Final implementation requires networking financial commitments.
Challenges faced in implementation
Acifification and carbon cycle play critical role in coral damage. Engage research and technology to discover advanced species protection.
Next steps
Develop research goals with authorities intetested in acification treatments. Enhancing alert system to capture and report vulnerable areas
Measurable outcomes
Island coastal populations goof
Food security is alleviated as coral and fish species are returned to areas of coral bleaching Coastal erosian and storm safety issues are diminished as coral reefs are natural coastal barrier systems
Research and increased technology for data analysis of acidification and temperaturr increase with carbon footprint alterationd
January 2016
First onsite oceanographic test of system using direct weather warning alerts
June 2015
First technology application developed with final testing, submitted to Fish Hackathon
June 2016
Any onsite application installed either by buoy or vessel to track weather conditions along reefs for early warning alert
Status of initiative
Financial issues
Supporting Documents
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