Reporting year: 2016
Achievement at a glance
Field Educators have been train to go to the field and impact the knowledge to the School children and the members of the community. field educators were able to go to the community and educate them on the SDGs, the community members where very happy to hear about this goals that the world is now implementing. community leaders, chiefs, pastors and Imams promise to spread the in formations on the SDG, Imams and Pastors also promise to give a sermon to their congregations on what they head about the SDGs, they are with the views that access to education is what will help the community.
Challenges faced in implementation
lack of resources and support from the government people where not aware of the SDgs and the agenda 2030 community outreach on the program, look for support to carry out more programs plan to add another initiative, something that is very dear to the community. on the goal one, poverty eradication in Ayawaso North
Next steps
in school education organize School competition if we get resources.
Measurable outcomes
field Educators, community members
Field Educators were happy to be part of the training, they promise to do their best to spread the message. community members who where met during the outreach where very happy to learn on the SDGs
January - may 2017
inter school quiz, community outreach
July /2016
selection of Schools
June /2016
Training of Field Educators
Septembers /2016
School education, in-school competition, community outreach
Status of initiative
On track
Supporting Documents
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