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Reporting year: 2017
Achievement at a glance
Over the past year, the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development (GPSDD) has: Grown to include over 250 data champions representing the full range of data producers and users from around the world Planned a High Level Meeting on Data for Development in Africa with the Governments of Kenya and Sierra Leone, and Safaricom, in collaboration with the African Development Bank, the UN Economic Commission for Africa, and the Governments of Ghana, Senegal, and Tanzania, to be held at the end of June 2017 Held major convenings on the sidelines of UNGA 2016 and the UN World Data Forum 2017 that showcased the work of GPSDDs many partners and how they are making a meaningful contribution to strengthening data for SDG implementation and monitoring Supported the advancement of country-led Data Roadmaps for Sustainable Development in 6 countries Refined and added to the Data4SDGs Toolbox to support Data Roadmaps for Sustainable Development Established data collaboratives on Leave No One Behind and environment, intended to create the space for partners to collaborate on concrete actions that will fill data gaps and address technical and political challenges in these areas Launched the Data4SDGs API Highways, an infrastructure developed to access valuable data to support the SDGs and transform these into effective applications and visualizations to further enable action and decision making Established a collaborative with the UN Statistical Division on SDG Data Interoperability to create the space to advance the policy and technical dimensions of data interoperability Supported 10 projects with support from the World Banks Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building in data production, dissemination, and use, primarily in lowincome and lowermiddle-income countries
Challenges faced in implementation
Next steps
Our focus in 2017 and 2018 is on consolidating the progress made in the first phase of the GPSDDs operations, and on deepening our engagement with partners and in key areas. In our political advocacy, we will mobilize public and private sector members of the GPSDD to make substantial commitments that will translate into action in the countries we are already supporting and in the thematic areas Leave No One Behind and environmental data where we are taking a deep dive, and where a political push is strongly needed. We will engage with existing Data Roadmap countries to ensure meaningful follow-up, broker support in response to needs, foster cross-country learning, and build a cohort of committed data champions on the global stage. In our thematic areas, we will address technical challenges been raised by Data Roadmap countries and through partner interaction and exchange. We will zero in on barriers to data access and use by further developing the Data4SDGs API Highways and creating connectors to data from our network of partners, as well as start to tackle the structural challenge of interoperability. We will strengthen the physical and online space for collaboration and make tools and resources more accessible.
Measurable outcomes
Data producers and users around the world, including governments, companies, civil society groups, international organizations, academic institutions, foundations, statistics agencies and data communities.
By joining the GPSDD, partners agree to collaborate to fully harness the data revolution for sustainable development. The GPSDD Secretariat commits to facilitate this, using its resources where they can do the most collective good and ensuring that the intersections and synergies between these activities can be realized for greater impact with a focus on bringing together GPSDD members to achieve more together than they can each do separately.
Status of initiative
On track
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