Reporting year: 2014
Achievement at a glance
One of the key areas for the Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers Commitments, is to raise the profile of important alcohol-related issues with governments and policy makers. We support stricter enforcement of drink driving laws with six additional countries selected for pilot programs. We also support increased protection of young people through the introduction of legal purchase age laws where they do not exist with 895 engagements (from 131 in 2013). While we have made progress in many areas, we found areas that need redouble efforts to achieve our stated objectives.
Challenges faced in implementation
Next steps
Reducing underage drinking Continue outreach to governments without legal purchase age laws to support adoption of such legislation Engage governments and retailers to strengthen enforcement of legal purchase age laws Support education programs based on the 2014 Alcohol Education Guide Strengthening and expanding marketing codes of practice Expand 2015 monitoring of 70/30 compliance reporting including new markets Align our digital marketing codes and practices with Digital Guiding Principles (DGPs) Training of staff and agencies in our digital codes Providing consumer information and responsible product innovation Promote launch of global consumer information site ( Enhance by adding multiple languages, interactive elements and monitoring tools Increasingly provide consumer information on product packaging Reducing drinking and driving Complete transition of prevention programs in China, Colombia, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia and Vietnam into sustainable local ownership Launch prevention programs aligned with best practices in up to six new countries, engaging government and stakeholders Enlisting the support of retailers to reduce harmful drinking Launching Guiding Principles for responsible retailing Engage retailers at global and national levels to adopt and implement the Guiding Principles
Measurable outcomes
Launch Alcohol Education Guide; introduction of legal purchase age in Vietnam, implemented alcohol-education programs emphasizing that children and alcohol do not mix, including work in Grenada, St. Lucia and Dominica. Launch our Digital Guiding Principles. In the Netherlands, we supported a social aspects organization that provides pre-clearance of alcohol advertising according to the countrys legislation. Substantial progress on developing our Consumer Information Website, providing facts about how alcohol affects those who drink. We carried out a survey of all beverages produced by all signatories, showing that all are below the threshold caffeine level established for soft or energy drinks. Conducted feasibility studies to select six countries to expand our Drink Driving Prevention Programs: Argentina, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Namibia, South Africa and Thailand. In support of the UNs Decade of Action for Road Safety, we partnered with the Nigerian government to conduct alcohol breath testing. Kicked off the Guiding Principles for Responsible Retailing with a roundtable including five major international retailers and experts. Draft principles will be completed in 2015. In Denmark, an industry-wide partnership was formed to promote facts about responsible drinking and preventing underage purchasing, part of the Ministry of Healths 2014 prevention plan.
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