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Multistakeholder Dialogue on Implementing Sustainable Development
Multistakeholder Dialogue on Implementing Sustainable Development

The Mulitstakeholder dialogue is an innovation established by the secretariat in order to ensure a more effective and coordinated implementation of the global policy on sustainable development.

The first Multistakeholder dialogue will focus on the decisions of the CSD-17 and its implementation by all interested stakeholders making sure that implementation is done in a harmonized and systematic way complimenting each other?s efforts.


The slow rate of implementation of the sustainable development agenda, including the CSD decisions, remains a source of concern. This concern has been expressed by many stakeholders at different international meetings including in sessions of the Commission itself.

Although CSD continues to remain the leading mechanism within the United Nations system to follow up the implementation of Agenda 21 and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, many stakeholders hold the view that CSD needs to become more forward-looking and action oriented. This is possible, but requires that decisions taken by the Commission are implemented in their true spirit by all stakeholders. Governments of developing countries continue to struggle with accessing enough resources, and acquiring capacities and technologies to implement the decisions leading to slow progress in meeting internationally agreed goals.

Beyond the CSD Session

While most of these questions will continue to require political discussion and consensus, more immediate progress is possible in some areas. The foremost of these consists of actions that involve the more effective use of technical knowledge and policy agreements. Against this background, the dialogue among the political groups and other stakeholders must continue beyond the CSD sessions in an effort to jointly translate agreed decisions into action. The ?Multistakeholder Dialogue on Implementing Sustainable Development? is a modest effort in this direction.

Objectives of the Dialogue

Main objective of the proposed dialogue is provide further impetus to the implementation of decisions made during CSD-17 to promote sustainable agriculture and rural development. In this regard, the Dialogue will specifically focus on:

Reviewing the extent to which different implementing partners are engaged in the implementation of agreed decisions. Raising awareness about innovative methods and tools for strengthening farmers? capacities in developing countries. Enhancing stronger linkages and building partnerships between government agencies, the private sector, civil society, research community, international and regional institutions, local communities as well as the UN system. Promoting a fast-track strategy for scaling up of successful practices.


The Multistakeholder Dialogue is open to all representatives of the UN Member States, business sector, civil society including policy research community, international and regional institutions and networks, local communiteis and the relevant UN agencies funds and programmes. The Secretariats of the Governing Bodies of UN system organizations are also invited to participate in this dialogue.

More information such as the format and scope of the dialogue can be found in the Briefing Note.
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