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Major Group: Women 11 Dec 2013 Women
On Africa
Japan 11 Dec 2013 Japan
Remarks to Security Council Open Debate on Preventive Diplomacy in Africa 16 Jul 2010
Message to 45th Annual Meeting of the African Development Bank and 36th Meeting of the African Development Fund 27 May 2010
Message on Africa Day 25 May 2010
African Union 3 May 2010 CSD-18;
Outcome of the Africa RIM in preparation for CSD-18 3 May 2010 CSD-18;
by The Republic of South Africa, Chair of the Bureau of the 6th Session of the ECA Committee on Food Security and Sustainable Development (CFSSD-6) and Africa RIM for CSD-18
ECA 3 May 2010 CSD-18; Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)
Canada 3 May 2010 CSD-18; Canada
Ghana 3 May 2010 CSD-18; Ghana
Morocco 3 May 2010 CSD-18; Morocco
Uganda 3 May 2010 CSD-18; Uganda
UNIDO 3 May 2010 CSD-18; United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
United Nations Industrial Develpment Organization
UNEP 3 May 2010 CSD-18; United Nations Environment
United Nations Environment Programme
United States of America 3 May 2010 CSD-18; United States of America
Food Security: How to Feed Africa 14 May 2009 CSD-17;
by Bob Watson, Commission on Sustainable Development, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
Summary: High-level Segment Roundtable 2 Realizing a Green Revolution in Africa 14 May 2009 CSD-17;
Democratic Republic of Congo 26 Feb 2009 Democratic Republic of the Congo
European Union 26 Feb 2009
Statement on behalf of the European Union, by Prof. Bedrich Moldan
Senator of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Director of the Environment Center of the Charles University in Prague Head of Delegation
Development Challenges in Africa - An Introduction to Plenary Discussion 26 Feb 2009
by Kobie Brand, Regional Director: ICLEI Africa

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